The Great Blackout of New York, 2003 – Part 1

I moved to New York City in August of 2003, with a wife and 2 year old baby, Boston where we had been living for about 6 months.  We arrived on August 13, to be precise, and that is important because the next day the entire northeastern part of the USA and some of Canada were suddenly without electricity.  In New York, on the island of Manhattan where we just moved, no one had power for two and a half days.  I remember working on my laptop over the wifi at the Starbucks (yes, that used to be a thing, I had a paid subscription!) on Colombus Circle, and all of a sudden my internet went down.  So I called Laini, my wife at the time, “Well I’m coming home, they’ve lost internet here,” then I notice people just wandering about randomly outside.  “What’s going on?” I asked the nearest person. “The City is without power,” she said, “no one knows more than that, but it’s probably a terrorist attack.”  Whoa!  Well it turned out not to be a terrorist attack, but it shows you how the City was expecting one not long after 9/11/2001.  I was gathering content for our travel and resort websites all the time, everywhere I went, so I always had a video camera, charged and ready, plus extra batteries and tape.  I managed to get a lot of good video from that adventure, here is the first segment for you, I hope you enjoy it.

We lived across Broadway from Lincoln Center which you can’t see but it’s behind that firetruck and all those people.  Madonna lived on the other end of our block, which was facing Central Park.

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