Why I quit all social media.

I hit the “dislike” button on social media

Recently I closed all my social media accounts. There are many reasons why I did this:

  • I am not (currently) trying to make money from the internet. So, I get no benefit from attracting an audience on social media.

  • I have my own websites to publish whatever I wish, and don’t need social media to express myself.

– I do not like the companies or people running social media sites. I do not like their far-left politics, political correctness, anti-americanism, anti-individual-liberty views. They use their sites to push and promote those views, and I don’t wish to support or contribute content to such sites.

  • I no longer enjoy fighting and arguing with social media users who will attack anything that anyone writes or posts.

  • The Russian troll farm investigations confirmed something I’ve suspected for many years: much of what appears on social media us not from regular, everyday users trying to find the truth, but is in fact put there by teams of people only interested in obfuscation and propagandizing to deceive users of social media.

  • I feel that social media is nothing but a huge waste of time that doesn’t contribute positively to my life.

So, from now on (early March 2018) I will be doing my posting right here, on my site, that I control and can use and enjoy peacefully.

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