My (nearly) Google Free Android Phone.

I’m making big progress on my goal of eliminating Silly Valley and Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the other evil bastards who reside there from my life.

There are two primary subgoals to meet:

1) Eliminate all Silly Valley products from my my world. That means my computers (including my hand held ones) will be free of all their sick spyware and obnoxious and pervasive ads. My computers will actually be MINE again, with only code that I want running on them. My computers will be for my benefit, not designed as surveillance and advertising devices that extract money from me and transfer it to evil, obscenely wealthy sociopaths.

2) Attain absolute protection for my privacy and my personal data. That’s the only way to stop Bay Area bastards from stealing it, exploiting it for themselves, then selling it to the highest bidder, with no benefit to me whatsoever. In fact the stolen private and personal data of billions not only doesn’t benefit them, it’s actively used against their interests. Your private and personal data is stolen, then used to take ever more money from you. That’s the Silly Valley business model.

As of the time of this posting, I’m getting just about as close as I can get to being totally unobservable on the internet, without having root access to my handheld computer. I’m not going to risk bricking a thousand dollar phone until I get to Philippines and set up a new computer office/laboratory. I need equipment and tools to make more progress on my goals.

I’m going to build wired and wireless computer networks in my lab that I can use to analyze traffic to and from hosts inside the network like my Note 9. Now that I’ve started on this, I’m dying to see exactly what surveillance data is being acquired and sent to the evil empires by the bay.

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