My land has been abused

I’m writing now about how our ranch land has been abused, misused and generally mistreated. It should be good, clean, productive land – just as it was when I was young and we NEVER ALLOWED HUNTERS ONTO OUR PROPERTY!!

I’m going to set this all right no matter what it takes. The Salmon ranch will not be mistreated like this!!

Moving maybe the day after tomorrow

So, I’m looking for a new place here in Tahoe. I’ve lived here for 8 years so far. A lot has happened in that time, especially the attack and deep, serious injury (it my brain was exposed and injured by an attacker) and big weight gain then loss, with my life hanging in the air for a few years.

I’m needing to move out of my ex-wife’s house, where I have been supporting both her and my son. However with the disease reappearing, it seems like COVID just won’t go away. So, after two years of being stuck here, it’s time to find a place for me and my Son Siddhartha to live. He’s not really getting along with his Mom right now, anyway.

So I’ll head over there to get him and go on this apartment tour. An already furnished apartment is perfect for us right now. No, I don’t want to buy a house!! I’m still heading out for purely a temporary home here, while I travel about the world and Sid finished a University

My new goals 2022

I have got new goals and ambitions for this next year:

– except for my son’s trip to Las Vegas with me, I’m am quitting all alcohol drinking, pot smoking and so forth. However for my son’s (MacKenzie’s) 21st birthday, I am planning two weeks of nothing but party and gambling and drinking and girls!! LOTS of girls there hahahahah 😍 Then change back to good boy hahahahah 🤣 After that we are headed to Texas to visit Vail, CO on our way through, and then on our hometown of Nocona, TX. Then who know what we shall do…. not sure what’s next.

– I am going to move to Thailand this year and I’m trying my best to get that done. I am anxious to get moved in over there, but the COVID have put an international blockade over Thailand for now. We’ll have to wait and let it pass. Once the disease leaves Thailand, I’ll be moving there.

– I am going to focus on my physical condition this year, and get myself in the best physical condition that is possible. A tremendous batch of biking, running/hiking, swimming and weight lifting. I aim to repair, to the best of my ability, my right side and head and neck and my overall physical ability. As some of you may be aware, I suffered a tremendous damage due to an attack in San Francisco in 2018.

– I am going to be dating women seriously as soon is this COVID disease clears out. I ended up losing my gorgeous Filipino girlfriend because we could not be in touch. That was understandable on both our parties. Plus I was still seriously wounded, just back and barely able to walk and talk! It was doomed. Plus, now, we find everything is shut down due to the disease! It’s a nightmare! Here is the story of the attack on me:

– I’m going spend a my business goals on selling my ranch in Texas and moving strongly into stocks, cryptocurrency, gold and real estate unions that don’t require my management. My land is held in a ranch held by my sister and me. She is someone I am happy to give my share of ownership in sale to her and keep my share for me.

That’s a decent list so far.

My situation December 2021

Having lunch in Lake Tahoe, California

Some careful observation will show that I have suffered a severe injury to my skull. This all happened do to a personal attack on me be one or several people. You can observe it in the right side and center, that exhibits how part of my skull and the skin were removed from my head. Then sewn up and put back in place – twice. That was due to a brutal attack by several robbers. Not once, but twice, because the treatment of the would went bad after one month. Another replacement skull, a fake one not as perfect as the replaced one, was found and used in my head. For years I couldn’t do much of anything. I couldn’t do much of anything for… really nearly four years I was of little worth.

This was all the result of me being robbed and attacked in the bottom of San Francisco slums. I have no real memory of what happened, the next thing I know I come out of a coma I was set in while the surgeons removed part of my brain and my skull.