My situation December 2021

Having lunch in Lake Tahoe, California

Some careful observation will show that I have suffered a severe injury to my skull. This all happened do to a personal attack on me be one or several people. You can observe it in the right side and center, that exhibits how part of my skull and the skin were removed from my head. Then sewn up and put back in place – twice. That was due to a brutal attack by several robbers. Not once, but twice, because the treatment of the would went bad after one month. Another replacement skull, a fake one not as perfect as the replaced one, was found and used in my head. For years I couldn’t do much of anything. I couldn’t do much of anything for… really nearly four years I was of little worth.

This was all the result of me being robbed and attacked in the bottom of San Francisco slums. I have no real memory of what happened, the next thing I know I come out of a coma I was set in while the surgeons removed part of my brain and my skull.