I hate it when casinos act weird about my blackjack play.

“How do I know he’s cheating? HE’S WINNING! That’s how!”

Playing blackjack in Vegas years ago, some guys next to me said they “Didn’t understand insurance.” “Oh,” I said, “It’s a bet on whether she’s got a ten under that Ace. But only 1/3 of the deck is tens, that’s why you don’t take insurance, because she only has it ..1 out of 3 times overall.” When I gazed back at the table I noticed this pit boss was staring at me with rage and hatred in his eyes! That cracked me up and I just laughed and smiled at him. Then he goes and gets on his pit phone, which also cracked me up! Why is this so..funny to me? Well, this guy’s steaming angry and calling to have my play reviewed because I can do 3rd grade math!! 10JKQ – 4 tens per suit. 4 suits. 44=16. 52 cards per deck. 16 goes into 52, 3 times (note 3*16=48) with 4 left over, or 3.25. Thus approx. 1/3 of the deck ..is tens. Exactly 1/3 would be 3.333… close enough for this purpose. All that’s just simple arithmetic, 3rd and 4th graders could do it. So this pit boss is enraged at people who can do arithmetic. That’s why it gave me the giggles! It’s ridiculous and it exposes so many

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